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  • Charcoal Portraits Video with Joy Thomas
    0 out of 5

    20 Minutes of pure INSPIRATION! That?s all it takes to learn how to create beautiful images like these!
    Joy Thomas shows you how to create fantastic charcoal portraits – quickly and accurately – using her foolproof methods to capture light and shadows for a stunningly lifelike image.
    Follow her example and see how easy it is – once you’ve learnt Joy’s basic techniques – you’ll never look back!

  • Drawing & Painting People with John Raynes – Part 2 of 2
    0 out of 5

    Drawing and Painting People offers the unique opportunity to see John Raynes in action and for his instruction to be brought to life through video for the first time ever.
    Part 1 – Approaching Portraits with Confidence
    An in-depth look at the head and face, John explores and explains the relationship of the face to the head and the positioning of our features. After learning to master the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, you’ll be shown how to bring them all together in a head and shoulders portrait.
    Part 2 – Understanding the Anatomy of the Body
    Taking you through demonstrations of reclining and full standing portraits by drawing from Life, John Raynes explains the anatomy and the behavior of male and female bodies with the principles you need to remember when painting your subjects.
    Part 3 – Capture the Nature of Hair and Skin.
    Painting from photographs, John helps you develop your portraiture skills by guiding you through Asian, White and African skin colours and different hair types.

  • Perfect Portraits Video with Carole Massey
    0 out of 5

    Learn to paint beautiful portraits with talented artist Carole Massey in this fantastic DVD!
    In her easy to follow teaching method, Carole explains how to understand the face and demonstrates how to observe and draw facial features of adults and children in pencil.
    After you’ve learnt the basics of portraiture, Carole will guide you through three step-by-step projects, helping you to build up your skills and technique whilst experimenting with a number of different drawing media.
    You will learn how to draw a charming yet simple scene of a young boy in pastel pencils, an attractive scene of a young woman in water soluble pencils and a more challenging vibrant scene of an older man in a combination of pastels and pastel pencils.
    In next to no time, Carole will build up your confidence and guide you from a portraiture beginner through to intermediate portrait artist!
    DVD: 70 mins.
    Derwent Inktense Pencils
    DI26 – Sicilian Yellow
    DI31 – Mid Vermillion
    DI35 – Carmine Pink
    DI32 – Scarlet Pink
    DI37 – Red Violet
    DI08 – Violer
    DI40 – Dusky Purple
    DI63 – Oak
    DI64 – Saddle Brown
    DI19 – Willow
    DI52 – Iron Green
    DI47 – Iron Blue
    DI66 – Madder Brown
    DI49 – Dark Aquamarine
    DI11 – Deep Indigo
    DI68 – Sepia Ink
    DI70 – Chinese Ink
    DI25 – Cadmium Yellow
    Pastel Pencils
    Size 6/8/12
    Watercolour Paper 140lb NOT
    Tracedown/Tracing Paper
    Masking Tape
    Masking Fluid, Ruling Pen

  • Portraits in Watercolor with Charles Reid
    0 out of 5
  • Realistic Watercolor Portraits with Suzanna Winton
    0 out of 5

    This DVD on realistic watercolor portraits focuses exclusively on creating a children’s portrait. Follow along as Suzanna Winton demonstrates her entire painting process in detail. Learn about key topics such as capturing a likeness, adding character to your portraits, painting skin tones, placing images properly, and creating life-like textures for clothing and backgrounds. You will even learn how to edit things you don’t want in your portraits. If you are serious about learning to create life-like portraits in watercolor, this is the DVD for you!

  • The Art of Portrait Drawing DVD with Joy Thomas
    0 out of 5

    Every artist dreams of drawing people with the skill of an Old Master. In this DVD, professional artist Joy Thomas reveals classical drawing secrets while teaching foolproof composition skills for a structured beginning.
    Working your way through a portrait study from life, you will learn a number of techniques to improve your confidence and enable you to create a realistic likeness using massing techniques that establish form with a minimal use of line.
    Develop your own skills as you watch this award winning portrait artist explain and demonstrate comparative measuring, simplified shape-maps, the use of plumb lines and how to identify and correct mistakes.
    While this unique drawing demonstration is a “must see” for portrait painters, it contains a wealth of valuable information for all artists of all genres.