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  • How To Bind Books
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    Do you love the look and feel of a hardbound book, but feel that their value is being lost in a society dominated by electronic media? Demonstrate your love for quality craftsmanship as you learn to create and bind your own books in this craft instruction workshop by Frankie Ridolfi. There’s a reason that Ridolfi is known as “the book binding guy,” and you’ll find that his passion and creativity are infectious as you follow his clear instructions in this workshop. In this 90-minute DVD, Ridolfi reveals a simple, step-by-step process for creating elegant journals with common tools and affordable materials that you probably already have in your home. If you enjoy crafting you’ll love learning to create these beautiful bound books that are the perfect way to show-off your talent and give loved ones gifts from the heart. Ridolfi sets up the workshop so that after following his demonstration for creating a single book, you’ll be ready to experiment with designs of your own. One of the best things about this craft workshop is that you don’t need prior experience with book binding or expensive tools to produce a bound journal that your friends and family will love. In the video, Ridolfi covers all of the concepts, materials and tools you’ll need without incorporating confusing instruction books or tedious research before starting. Another benefit of using or giving this DVD is that it will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to create countless versions and styles of bound books at no additional cost.