Frequently Asked Questions

All sales are final. Unfortunately, we do not take returns if you are unsatisfied with the content. We have taken every step we can imagine to provide as much information as needed for you to make an informed decision.  However if you are deeply unsatisfied with a title please let us know so that we can take steps to remove content that meet the quality our community expects.

No refunds are given should your account be suspended due to violation of the term of the User Agreement.

We accept Visa and Mastercard for online orders. The charge on your credit card statement will show as Artclick.tv  We do not currently offer Paypal as a payment method.  No credit card data is ever stored in the ArtClick.tv systems.  For your protection all authorization and credit card information is stored with third-party payment processors.

No, We can only accept online payments at this time.

This website is for the world-wide community of artists who are interested in learning from those who have added content to this website. If you participate in this website, by viewing content, creating an account, purchasing a membership or single video or through any other activity on the site YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS OF THE USER AGREEMENT.

Gross Violations can result in being banned from the site and payments for content may be forfeited.

Please visit the How it Works to see our streaming requirements and test video player.

If you run into problems getting your title to play AND you have already confirmed that your system matches our streaming requirements please contact tech support and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Bonus Features or Additional segments that are part of the original DVD are not provided to us by the producers.  This includes articles, inserts, handouts and any supplemental materials normally included with the DVD.  ArtClick only provides the main video feature and no additional content.  Additional content is only available when you purchase the physical version of the DVD.  If you are interested in purchasing the full copy of the DVD you can contact the producers directly for the additional price.  If you mention that you are coming from ArtClick some producers will give you a small discount towards the purchase price of the DVD however this is at the producers discretion.